Nominated Viva 400-awards!


Vote untill November 6th, 2018

Founder of 2 glimpse, Amber van den Putte, is nominated for Viva 400-awards, in the category ‘Making the world a better place’. Viva is a Dutch women’s magazine. 

The goal of 2 glimpse is to improve tolerance between different nationalities by getting to know each other via a cultural exchange. Wouldn’t it be great to show that all over the world people want more tolerance? 

If you recognize yourself in this idea, please vote:

1. Click on the link:

2. Find ‘Amber van den Putte’ in the category ‘Wereldverbeteraars’

3. Click on the button ‘Stem nu’ (Vote now)

4. Fill in your email address and your name

5. You will receive an email from (subject: ‘bevestig je deelname’ (confirm your participation)) with a ‘Klik hier om je e-mailadres te bevestigen’ link. It means ‘confirm your email address’. Click on this link.

6. You are done! We are extremely grateful!

Many thanks!!

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