The Thrilling Yet Strange Culture of the United States


American customs and habits

Over the years, I have found that everyone in the United States wants more than what they have, which is why it can be considered a slightly strange way to live and experience life. After all, other cultures appreciate what they have and learn to survive with only that. However, these same people who want more, are also very friendly and welcoming, which makes it a fabulous place to visit or live.

1 Roadtripping



Everyone in the United States loves to hop in their vehicle and drive from one destination to another. They don’t even need a reason to do it other than they want to. Although, I find that most of the time, they are visiting family or friends, or spending time with the people that they love as they explore new areas of the country. Thankfully, this time with the ones that we love has grown in recent years, because it is a great way to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of our world.

2 Sports



People will also travel great distances to watch their favorite sports team. While there is no all-time favorite sport in the United States, almost everyone prefers to watch football or baseball. Hockey and basketball normally come in third and fourth on this list. Teenagers can be seen in the stands watching their fellow students go for the win on their school team, while adults and families can be seen rooting for their favorite pro team. Of course, no one can spend time at a game without food, and it is all about the hot dogs, hot pretzels, peanuts, popcorn, and soda.

3 Small talk



It is not unusual for people to make small talk with people that they are near. This can happen at the sporting events mentioned above, or in the middle of a busy street as people are waiting to cross at the light. This is a great way to learn more about a person without even knowing them, and while most people will never see the person they are talking to ever again, there are times that their paths will cross in the future.

4 Love going out



Some people prefer to spend time curled up at home, but most of the people in the United States want to be out on the town. They all love meeting new people, whether it is in a bar, at an event, or even on the beach. There are plenty of places to go out everywhere in this country and every city has at least a dozen events going on every single day. These events can be as simple as trivia night at a restaurant or as big as a parade or a festival.

5 So easy to experience local life!


Anyone who is planning on going to the United States for a visit will want to immerse themselves into the lifestyle of the locals. Visitors are encouraged to make small talk, go to sporting events, and participate in local events. There is nowhere else in the world where people can experience so much with so little effort. After all, this is the area where more is good, we just don’t want to work too hard to get it.

Written by Jen from the U.S.A.