The Netherlands with locals is really experiencing daily life in The Netherlands. So, do you want to travel to Holland? But not in the touristic way? Not just for a holiday filled of doing nothing? Than choose for the experience of an international exchange. And see the beauty of The Netherlands (and there is more than cheese) through the eyes of a local.

Get connected

Via 2 glimpse you get connected to somebody who lives in The Netherlands. Maybe temporarily as an expat, maybe for his or her whole life. Maybe in the city of Amsterdam, maybe in the countryside, but probably surrounded by water. This person will take you to unusual places. Places, which you'll never visit without your exchange partner. You'll really experience daily life of a Dutch person. And that's great!

The Netherlands with Locals

Endless opportunities

2 glimpse gives you endless opportunities in Holland with locals. Your host in The Netherlands can offer you a place to sleep. In his home, or in a hotel he recommends. He can take you for a city tour and be your guide for one day. Or he keeps you company for your entire stay in The Netherlands. You can also choose to experience his daily life. Go and see his work, his home, the club where he is a member, his favourite bar, etc. Once you're connected to a local in The Netherlands, you make your own agreements.

It's free to meet locals in The Netherlands

Most of the times an international exchange is free of charge. Sometimes your host likes a little fee to cover his expenses he has to make for you. Off course this is something to discuss before you go to The Netherlands. Via 2 glimpse, the encounters are based on equality. So you'll meet people like yourself. And mostly they will be your host for free. 

Do you want to learn more about international exchanges? Read our FAQ.

About 2 glimpse

2 glimpse is a platform that unites people wanting to catch a glimpse of another culture or life by inviting others into their own lives and home countries. 

Live like a local in The Netherlands

Our idea is based on existing exchange programs for students/teens. You temporarily live a life as a local in The Netherlands. And have a home abroad for the moment. A great experience for meaningful encounters and priceless memories.


Holland with Locals