What do you know about Nigeria? Did you know that Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa (more than 190 million people living there)? That it is one of the oldest locations of human existence (9000 BC) and that it is home to the second largest producers of movies in the world, also known as Nollywood? Abidemi tells you more about her beautiful country.

Nigerians are known to be hospitable. Nigerians are easy going and loving, we love foreigners. The major tribes in Nigeria speak English as official language, beside that more than 510 languages are spoken in Nigeria in about 500 etnic groups. Nigeria offers a wide variety of cultural festivals. One of the most popular festivals and cultural events in Nigeria is the Argungu Fishing festival.

1. Argungu Fishing Festival


The Argungu Festival is celebrated to mark the old opposition between the Kebbi Kingdom and the Sokoto Caliphate. It is held annually from March 12 to 15 in the northwestern Kebbi state. The festival is one of the major cultural celebrations in Nigeria. Hundreds of local men compete with fishnets to catch the largest fish. There is canoe racing, bare handed fishing, wild duck hunting, swimming and diving competitions. The person that catches the largest fish is highly rewarded, the latest was $7,500. Nigeria is known for its festivals and the lively environment.

2 Nigerian food


The most favorite Nigerian food is rice. In Nigeria we boil rice and eat with tomato stew. There are many stew recipes in Nigeria. The most popular stew in Nigeria is made with tomatoes. You wil never meet a Nigerian who doesn't eat rice and stew. Another popular food in Nigeria is yam (see pics above), there are different other recipes for yam. We cook yam pepper soup and also cook white yam and serve with stew/sauce. Yam sauce is made with tomatoes and a few other ingredients. So, it is more likely that you can also try this recipe with ease if you are living outside Nigeria. Apart from the two different recipes for yam above, we also have pounded yam, which is just a process whereby we pound cooked white yam and eat with soup, any kind of Nigerian soup would do.

3 Nigerian clothes


This photo is collected from Oyinbo African Abeni

When it comes to dressing a core northerner is identified with a starchy ironed fez as a cap. Westerners are dominated by Yoruba tribe, known to sew their cap in a long style neatly folded when worn. In the eastern side of the country the Ibo are known for their red cap. Other minority etnic groups within the middle belt region like the Tiv, Ngas, Idoma, Nupe, etc, for example, the Tiv are widely known for their a'nger, a unique traditional costume (fabric), lineally sewn in black and white features.

Written by Abidemi from Nigeria

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