One week in Rotterdam

I visited Rotterdam for 1 week in May 2017. It was such an amazing trip because I could see many beautiful and innovating projects. Those projects were a mix between urban farms, ecology and creativity (,,

I stayed with Amber and her kind family in their nice and quiet house all week. Amber has a friend, Manon, who is French teacher at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. On Thursday afternoon I was lucky to give a French Lesson with Manon at her class at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. It was such a good experience and I could meet 11 nice students who speak French very well.

French lessons in Rotterdam

Firstly, two students gave a presentation, showing a video about the question “Why is the French language so difficult?” They gave some reasons for that like male/female words, some “fantasy” in the sentences… But, there are also a lot of other difficult languages like Chinese, which uses different characters, English, which uses a lot of synonyms, or African which is very difficult to pronounce.

After that, I could have an interesting exchange between the students and me. They asked me some questions about myself, French culture, Holland culture… for example, “What do I like about the Netherlands?“ (Many things, especially the projects I saw in Rotterdam). “Did you eat, Dutch biscuits ‘Stroopwafels’?” (Yes, I did, I love them!) “Do I know nice French music?” (I like Charles Aznavour) “What is my favorite French city?” (Toulouse, the Dutch students will go there together), “What are my hobbies?” (cycling and permaculture), “Where have I traveled to?” (Australia)

And I asked them why do they want to become a French teacher? (…beautiful language!) “Or which French food do they like?” (crèpes, foie gras, baguettes, croissants)

And then, we played a game, like goose game, but we got a question which we had to answer (in French!) within 20 seconds. For example, “Do you have a pet?” “Where do you live?” “With who are you living in your house?” “What makes you laugh?” “What do you hate?” “What is your lucky day?” (Feyenoord becoming national champion :-) (red: 2017)), “What was your bad day?”(I said the day that I drove against a wild boar with my car…..).

Well, it was very interesting and funny and I was very surprised to see how well these students speak French. Thanks Amber, Manon and all students!

Experienced & written by Eva from France