Stay with locals

2 glimpse is a platform for people who want to meet locals and learn from each other about their daily lives. Curieus? Read on...

No financial but cultural advantages

The concept of 2 glimpse follows the trend of people searching for experiences. Tourist attractions we all know, but travellers want to see the real, local life in their preferred location. Cooking lasagne with Italians, experiencing the 6 hour long work day of a Swede, or showing a Spaniard that the Dutch kitchen can also be delicious.

Meet a local and go for an exchange

An exchange can be there for everyone, in every financial situation. It is intended that the host receives a guest from abroad and shows them around in their daily lives. There is the opportunity to reverse roles and visit your guest in their environment, but that is not essential.

Are you a host, guest or both

On participants can indicate if they want to present themselves as host, guest or both. You won't be charged for the received hospitality. Possible costs and expenses of the exchange can be discussed between host and guest, and arrangements can be made, suited to every glimpser.

One-day activity

Staying at the home of your host is also not essential. Just meet a local for a one-day activity can already be an experience to never forget.

Experience daily life abroad

Our goal as 2 glimpse is to be the way for you to start or continue your travels and to experience daily life abroad.