Locals’ secrets: hidden gems abroad


Generally locals tend to know their area. When travelling it’s, therefore, always a great tip to ask around for the best places to eat, the prettiest viewpoints, and for other special spots. We asked our contacts from around the world the following question: What is a special place (a hidden gem or must-see) in your town? 

Read on and get inspired! Maybe the next time you go abroad you will be lucky enough to discover that hidden gem by yourself!


Italy - Pozzuoli

“I live in Pozzuoli and the city itself is a hidden gem! We have plenty of artifacts and beautiful places to explore and make a real jump into the past. My favorite must see is ‘Tempio di Serapide’. During ancient times it was a marketplace and now when the tide is high the temple is covered in water... It’s beautiful to see, especially during sunset!”

2.     Bosnia & Herzegovina - Bijela tabija

Picture thanks to @igloveig

“The White Fortress (Bijela tabija) is one of my favourite places in Sarajevo. It is an old fortress that towers over Sarajevo and can be seen from pretty much anywhere. Of course, this also means that the view from there is absolutely amazing and you can see the beautiful cityscape. It is a popular place for people of all ages to go to and just relax, often bringing blankets and food and having a picnic.”

3.     China - East lake

East Lake is the second largest city lake in China (the largest is Lake Townson), with a national wetland park. There are many gardens, specializing in specific plants. Some amazing examples are the Cherry Garden, the Lotus Garden and the Plum Garden. The Donghu Lotus Garden has more than 700 kinds of lotuses, and the Sakura Garden is part of the three major cherry tree gardens around the world (the other two being in Japan and the US). East Lake is also one of the best places for birdwatching as there are many species of birds, including 234 rare ones! If you enjoy nature at its best, East Lake is definitely worth a visit!

4.     South Australia - Adelaide Central Market and the Mortlock Wing

“I love the Adelaide Central Market which is a definite must-do in Adelaide. It’s the largest undercover market in the southern hemisphere and it’s an amazing place to do some people watching and also get fresh fruit, vegetables, and deli goods. There are so many great stalls and most of them will let you have a taste of things before you buy them. I love the Smelly Cheese Shop and the Kangaroo Island Spirits stall. Best of all, if you go just before closing, you can get extremely cheap fresh food. Yum!

For a more ‘hidden gem’ I love the Mortlock Wing in the Adelaide Library, which actually looks like it could be out of the Harry Potter movies!”

5.   Serbia - The River Uvac

“If you could only choose one hidden dragulj (gem) of Serbia, it definitely should be the River Uvac, that is, the Special Nature Reserve of Uvac. The River Uvac flows between the Zlatar and the Zlatibor mountains. It is famous for its unusual canyon and the embedded meandering walls in the surrounding limestone cliffs that it passes through. Because of the exceptional beauty of this region, untouched nature, rare and endangered plant and animal species, it was declared a Special Nature Reserve.” Look at this picture, doesn’t it look amazing?

6.     Russia - Kazanskiy Dendrariy (Kazan’s arboretum)

“A special place in our city, Kazan, is the arboretum. It is a calm and peaceful place for slow walks, and some of the trees are more than 200-300 years old. You can actually touch and feel the history, it is beautiful”. The botanical garden is actually the oldest in Russia and Europe!

7.     Morocco - The Caves of Hercules

“My city is called Tangier and the most special place here are The Caves of Hercules,  an archaeological cave complex where Hercules allegedly rested during his labors. It’s opening is in the shape of Africa.”

A beautiful view and a legendary story? We have been convinced. 

8.     Nepal - Phewa Lake

The Phewa Lake is a lake in the south of the Pokhara valley, and it’s the second largest lake in Nepal. In comparison to Kathmandu, the air in Pokhara is very clean and clear, which makes for a great view of the stunning lake surrounded by the Himalayas. It’s great for hiring a boat and paddling across, but you can also go paragliding there! It’s amazing to see the lake from above. I don’t know much about it being hidden, but it’s definitely a gem!

9.     Romania - Lasi- Palace of Culture

Picture thanks to Lorena Boanda

“I’m currently based in Lasi, one of Romania’s biggest cities (the second largest, in fact) and one of the leading centers of Romanian social, cultural, and academic life. There are plenty of interesting things to see and learn here. However, if I were to pick a place which I consider to be a hidden gem, I would pick the Palace of Culture and all its four fascinating museums.”

The Palace of Culture is an imposing monument with a lot of history behind it, and its glamor becomes evident from the second you step inside. “When I was little, I used to take family trips there a lot on weekends. Now, I hold on to that tradition, and I make time to take a stroll within its walls once in a while. Oh, and make sure to visit the large clock from the middle “tower.” It’s extremely fascinating.”

10.  Peru-Lima

“For me, downtown Lima in general is a must-see in my city. The architecture is beautiful, with a mix of Baroque and Renaissance styles in the streets. In downtown Lima there are many churches and parks that represent both styles.

A good example of this, is the Park of the Exhibition (Parque de la Exposición in Spanish). The Museum of Art of Lima is located inside the park.” These pictures were taken in the area north of the Park of the Exhibition where another museum is located, the Museum of Italian Art. It is also currently home to the Centre for Military and Historical Studies. 


Have you been inspired by these places? We hope so. During travelling the best places to visit are the ones that accidentally or spontaneously blow your mind. Enjoy your travels to these spots and don’t forget to connect with locals. And if you have a hidden gem in your country or city, share it with other Glimpsers. Send us your text and we will put it on 2glimpse.com!