Article published in Happinez magazine (September 2018)


Holiday for advanced travellers


A holiday where you can be a part of the daily life of someone from another country. '2 glimpse', is what Amber van den Putte calls this self-invented concept.

What's the importance of getting to know people from other countries and cultures?

"My daughter went on a cultural exchange to India. She told me about the exceptional things she had experienced. At that point, I thought to myself: how come this not possible for adults too? Here in the Netherlands we can quickly form opinions on other countries, but I believe we can create a different perspective and an open mind by going and visiting a country and get acquainted with the people themselves. It is an enrichment to be able to have a - literal - peek into their kitchen." 

What is the difference compared to an ordinary holiday?

"In order to have extraordinary experiences, you do not necessarily have to fly around in a helicopter or jump off a cliff. With 2 glimpse it is all about people meeting people. It means gaining insight into the lives of others and gaining inspiration for your own life. When I visit a foreign supermarket, I always see products that fascinate me, but don't give me a clue at all what to do with them. When there is someone with me who can explain all of that, I can enjoy that immensely. And I know for sure that this applies to more people. They like to experience "normal" things: picking the children up from school, cooking together, going to the gym etc. It's traveling for the more advanced: a lot of people have seen the skyscrapers and have climbed mountains, now it's time for you to get to know the people and their everyday life."

What if you prefer staying at home?

"Even then you can go glimpsing. It is also an experience in itself to welcome foreign people in your own home. When registering on the site you can specify your preference to just host. Many people believe their own lives are nothing special, but if someone comes to visit you from far away, you have the possibility to look at your own life in a different way. Whilst guiding the eyes of foreigners, looking at a windmill yourself becomes picturesque again. It is also a great way to keep your own footprint limited: someone who already planned to go on holiday is coming to you. You do not have to leave, but you can bring the foreign countries, the culture, the people to you. In this way, you also have an exotic vacation.

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