My Greatest Adventure: Greece

Rhodes. Crete. Corfu. Kos. Ever since I was 18, my heart has belonged to the Greek isles. The beauty of nature is indescribable and cannot be captured with words. The sea is just that perfect shade of blue and the forests are where time really stands still. People talk about the scenery but the truly magical part of Greece is the hospitality. I hope to give you a glimpse into what that word really means, in a Greek sense.

When the alarm clock stared back at me early that morning, I asked myself what I had gotten into. “Lets visit Zia!” The idea to see the town sounded so good last night. The architecture and the surrounding areas are quite the attraction, at least in the morning. Everything on Kos is better experienced in the morning. It gets way too hot in the afternoon around midday. This isn’t an issue for me (yet), but the heat does get to my boyfriend.

After a quick breakfast, we grab our things and make a dash for the bus. Seeing as the next one leaves in two hours, it would be unfortunate to miss it.

The view of a lifetime

After two hours of mountain roads and idyllic towns, we arrive at our destination. They haven’t heard of tourism here. The worst part about vacation is always the other tourists. We decide to head in to town to explore an old church. Apparently, if you’re brave enough, you can climb to the top and see everything there is to see. Obviously we are determined to find out how good this view really is. It is definitely a tough climb, but we made it and it was worth it. To stand on this tiny speck of rock in an endless sea of blue, it’s unforgettable. You feel very small when the horizon seems to go on forever.

Once we snapped out of our fantasy and consulted our watches, we realize its time to head inside before we melt under the midday sun. When we get back to the ground, the town is deserted. The locals know exactly what to do: Close the windows and turn the AC on. There is only one tavern still open in the entire town. We go there determined to lay our rumbling stomachs to rest.

The REAL Greek Kitchen

Nikos, that was his name. I’ll never forget his face. He is the waiter bringing our drinks out, having a chat with us and making sure we feel completely at home here. One drink becomes two drinks, but we never have to ask. Nikos knows. My boyfriend and I both think it best to stay in this tavern and enjoy the moment.

There’s a time and place for everything and eventually we decide its time to ask for the bill and be on our way. However, Nikos smiles at us and shakes his head. We’re stunned. We insist we should compensate him for the drinks and he smiles again, and asks us if we would like to join him for dinner. He lives in town and enjoys having new guests at the table. We can’t refuse such a wonderful offer, especially knowing the Greek kitchen.

That’s more or less how we ended up in a tiny, very tiny, house in Zia on the Greek island of Kos. Nikos’ wife greets us warmly and his parents (We think they were, they looked old enough) acknowledge our presence. The drinks don’t stop and the smell of Greek food fills the air. These experiences can only be dreamed of when you plan a trip. Even though we can’t really have a conversation with anyone at the table, we still feel right at home. We laugh, we dance and we make memories. It doesn’t get better than this.

We could stay at Nikos’ home forever, but all good things must come to an end. The bus leaves soon. We kiss Nikos and his wife goodbye and we run to make sure we don’t miss the last bus. When we’re in the bus, I nudge my boyfriend, ‘This was a great day.’ Together, in the quiet of the evening, we look outside and let everything sink in. ‘Great’ doesn’t even begin to describe what we experienced. I can’t describe what it was like, with these kinds of adventures you have to feel the magic that is in the moment to understand.

Experienced and written by Deisy