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The Republic of Georgia. What do you know about it? You might not know anything! So let me tell you. We have a warm sea, magnificent mountains, ancient churches and temples, ancient cities, caves, waterfalls, rivers, and lakes, and all in a rather small area. Our neighbours are Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbeidzjan, and the Black Sea. And, although, Georgia has so many attractions, most tourists sincerely love this country for the real Georgian hospitality and the delicious cuisine. Unlike many other seaside places, the impressions of a holiday in Georgia will turn out to be much brighter than you might expect. That is why I want to tell you about this amazing country, which you really must visit more than once. 

1.    Smiling faces

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I was born in the capital of Georgia: Tbilisi. When I was growing up, I always noticed that there was something very different about my home country. When I was a kid, I honestly didn't know what the difference was, but I do now, and I’m going to share it with you. The first thing you will notice when you visit Georgia are the smiling faces. Do you know the reason why we smile so much at tourists? It’s because we really love people. We love communication, giving presents, telling jokes, hugging, and we help each other all the time. 

2.    Most popular cities in Georgia


As often happens, the capital of Georgia has also become the most popular city in the country. Perhaps tourists are attracted by the harmonious combination of the old quarters and the ultra-modern buildings. Tbilisi is not just the capital of Georgia, but it’s also a typical city of contrasts. The diversity of the buildings, the local flavor, and the sincerity of the people are especially felt here. In Tbilisi, within walking distance, there are many interesting sights, beautiful surroundings, and good establishments with delicious dishes and quite affordable prices. Thanks to the well-established bus, metro, and taxi systems in the city, it is very easy to get to almost anywhere in the capital. 

In summer, the capital, Tbilisi, will see temperatures of up to 35 Celsius, and on my winter visits, I’ve rarely seen temperatures fall below 5 degrees Celsius.

Tfiliso Restaurant,Tbilisi

Chardin street, in Tbilisi, has many good restaurants and cafes lined up. Try Tifliso Restaurant at 44, Chardin Street, located between the Narikala fortress and Liberty Square, close to Metekhi church, for authentic Georgian food, or Aladdin for drinks and the best shisha in town. Many places also have very original decor, ranging from ultra-modern to traditional, from artsy to nostalgic. 


Orbeliani Bath House

Tbilisi was founded around the site of sulphurous thermal waters. The area, called Abanotubani, has a number of public and private bathhouses (like Orbeliani Bath House), where you can have an exfoliating massage and plunge into a pool filled with sulphurous water, which is known to be good for the skin and also for the treatment of asthma and rheumatism, among other conditions.      


Borjomi, thanks to jafarova_nik

The town of Borjomi, home to the country’s most famous mineral water, was renowned at the time of the Russian Empire as a healing place, thanks to the therapeutic properties of its water. Today the city also has good, modern spa hotels, such as Borjomi Likani Health & Spa Centre. 


Batumi is the second most popular Georgian resort after Tbilisi. The city is very modern, beautiful, unusual, and welcoming. Walking around Batumi is interesting in both the daytime and evening. There are many fascinating areas, and the surroundings of the city are simply replete with amazing sights, which you can visit very inexpensively. Batumi is located on the east coast of the Black Sea, near the border with Turkey. Unlike the other coastal resorts in Georgia, which are more like large villages, this city is distinguished by being very modern and original. It attracts travelers with its unusual buildings, original attractions, and a peculiar mixture of all kinds of shapes, colors, and sounds. There is something to do at any time of the day or year. 

The city is great for everyone. There are a huge number of casinos, expensive hotels, and high-end restaurants, but travelers who are extremely resource-constrained can also spend their time in comfort and have a good rest. It is interesting that the Batumi embankment is not built up with shops and hotels, but is a large shady park, which is really nice to walk around in the midst of the summer heat and in the evenings.

3.    Skiing

Gudauri, thanks to bwh_imager

It’s worth knowing that it does snow in many parts of the country, especially higher up in the mountains. Gudauri, near Kazbegi, is a good place to go skiing or snowboarding, with a great infrastructure. Other ski destinations include Bakuriani and Mestia.

4.    World-famous Georgian Cuisine

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In addition to certain sights, each country is famous for its special, unique cuisine, which the people are proud of, appreciate, love, and will not exchange for anything in the world. Georgian cuisine is a symbiosis of goodies: successfully combining meat and vegetables, and seasoned with a huge variety of spices. And there are such appetizing and satisfying baked products and sweets, sauces, and cheeses!

Everyone who comes here once strives to visit this hospitable and “tasty” country for a second time. Whether you love meat dishes, or prefer to indulge in the rich selection of Georgian sweets available, the food is sure to delight you. And for seasoned vegetarians, there are also many dishes to fall in love with for their rich taste and unusual presentation. “Here you can safely forget about your diet and just enjoy delicious food,” our new colorful acquaintance from Georgia so succinctly put it. Indeed, almost all tourists end up gaining a few extra pounds as they cannot refuse the mouth-watering Geordian dishes on offer.

5.    World-famous Georgian Wine

Famous wine that is made in Georgia and sold abroad is an interesting historical and cultural phenomenon that has already been turned into a well-known brand. For Georgia itself, it is also part of everyday culture and the state economy. If you have already arrived in Georgia, then you simply have to drink the wine, otherwise time is wasted. But even if you don’t want to drink it, you can still look at it, or look at the grapes, with the realization that you are seeing something that grows only on this slope and nowhere else. Always remember, drink responsibly, and never drink and drive.

There is evidence that wine has been made in Georgia for over 7,000 years, so the country could be considered the birthplace of the drink. In fact, did you know that over half of the grape varieties in the world come from here and most of it is still made in the traditional artisanal way in family estates and monasteries? My favorite variety is Saperavi, a dark, dry red wine. 

Have I convinced you yet?

If you ever want to experience what the lovely culture represents, what the rich history of war and survival means, why it matters to be kind to other people, why you should love everyone around you… Just visit my home country. We will make sure that you will shed a tear returning home. Best regards and wishes, from your foreign friend from Georgia. 

Written by Giorgi from Georgia