What we can learn from the Finns?

(the happiest people of the year 2018)


Finland knocked Norway off the throne this year and captured the first place when it comes to happiness. The Finns are the happiest people in the world, according to the Happiness Report 2018. What is their secret?

Last year Finland was still in the fifth place, behind Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland. This year, the Finns climbed up four places and captured the title of happiest people in the world.  So, what can we learn from the Finns? What makes Finland such a great country to live in? We unravelled a few secrets of happiness from the Finns.

1 Long term relationships



Finns seem shy and reluctant (or sometimes even surly), but once you get to know them and win their trust? Then you have a friend that you can count on for your life. Finns are very sweet and honest! We can understand that this creates valuable long-term relationships, which is the basis for happiness!

2 The Finnish endurance

Finns are tenacious. It is not for no good reason that the 'Finnish endurance' is often mentioned. The Scandinavian people do not only maintain their relationships and work for a long time, but actually everything. Sitting in the sauna for a long time, for example! The Together - the first inhabitants of Finland - have also been able to survive for 6,000 years in rugged nature.

3 Saturday, sauna day



Where many people massively buy their groceries on a Saturday, the Finns all go to the sauna. A nice relaxing break in the dry heat and cooling down in beautiful nature (in the winter even in ice water!). To feel reborn for the rest of the weekend. In Finland you can find saunas everywhere, even in the schools.

4 Midsummer night


(photo: thanks to Ville Palmu)

Admittedly, it can become quite cold and dark during Finnish winters. But on the other hand, in the summer it stays light until late and the temperatures can sometimes rise to twenty degrees. Midsummer night is celebrated exuberantly with a big campfire. You want to experience this!

5 Wild camping



Finland is a vast country and is called the land of a thousand lakes. The Finnish nature lends itself perfectly for a wild camping trip, which is allowed in Finland. Look for red berries, catch a pikeperch and set your tent up wherever you want. A free camping holiday in Finland is guaranteed to be a happy one! 

6 Everything is well arranged

Although it is sometimes difficult to spot a smile in the streets of Helsinki, the Finns are doing very well. The government, infrastructure and education in Finland are among the best in the world. Of course there will always remain unfortunate Finns, but Finland has a lot to be thankful for!

7 Punctual hard workers

That good economy is not coming from nowhere! Therefore it is not surprising that Finns are naturally hard workers. They are also very punctual and arrive on time, meet their deadlines and will not rush their work. Well, if you have to survive in the cold Finnish winters, you quickly learn to do things carefully and efficiently


8 Day for Failure

Finns also have humour and are not afraid of failing. This is evident from their 'Day for Failure', a real day for failures. On this day - every 13th of October - bad news and bad luck is celebrated, as a lesson for the future. What an instructive and fun holiday, shouldn’t we introduce this everywhere? 

In the video below a Korean view on the Finnish culture: