To place your profile on the 2 glimpse website to find a partner is free of charge. To send personal messages or to chat, you will need a subscription. The costs for this subscription is 10€ for one month, 25€ for 3 months and 60€ for a whole year. The amount of people you contact is unlimited! Even without leaving your seat, you can meet people from all over the world. But good news: during the introduction period everyone who signed up, gets a 3 months membership for free, no strings attached.

The cultural exchange itself is financed personally. The costs depend on where you go and the length of your exchange.

The intention is that your partner will provide a place to stay, however this may not be the case on all exchanges. For some situations, it may be necessary to reside in a hotel or hostel, these costs will also need to be covered by the traveler.

You and your partner must make arrangements to cover costs during the cultural exchanges. A possible arrangement would be that costs, particularly food, made in one country would be covered by the host. When the host then travels to their partner’s country, the person now hosting would cover the costs. It is important to decide on these arrangements before leaving on your cultural exchange.