Step 1

We first need your (profile)name and your emailadress. Press de button ' create a profile'

We send you an email with a link. After clicking this link, you can login on 2 glimpse.

Step 2

Complete your profile, at least answer the questions with an asterix (*). After completing your profile you can get in touch with other glimpsers. Accepting friend requests is only possible with a complete profile (all questions answered). Friends have some adventages, like using the live (video) chat functionality.

Via de question list ' edit my profile' you let other glimpsers know who you are, what you are offering and what you are looking for.

Via de question list ' search' you let the search enigine know what you are looking for.

It is possible to personalise your profile by uploading photos and linking to youtube videos.

Step 3

Search via 'find your exchange partner' and find the perfect match.

Without membership it is possible to send standard messages. If you want to send personal messages and chat, you need to have a membership. We have different memberships. Choose the one which fits you most. (During the introduction phase: free access to all features for every account for the first 3 months after sign up.(no additional membership/subscription necessary during those 3 months).

Step 4

When you find your exchange partner, start making plans for your exchange trip. Be clear about your timeschedule, costs and program. Use the (video)chat functionality.

Step 5 (optional)

We are so curious! How are you doing after your exchange experience? Please, let us know!