Get invited by a local,
show your hospitality as a local!

Festivities Festivities
  1. Celebrate a birthday: are there any differences?
  2. Celebrate local festivities together.
At work At work
  1. Meet a 'colleague': what could you learn from your profession abroad?
  2. Owner of a company? Organise an international meet & greet with a corresponding company abroad.
  3. As an expat abroad? Show your expat-life.
Food Food
  1. Cook together and learn new recipes
  2. Shop at a local (super)market
  3. Invite friends for dinner and let your guest join
  4. Organise a home tasting with local specialties
Social & Sports Social & Sports
  1. Organise tickets for a local match
  2. Make music together
  3. Visit family, introduce your friends
  4. Do sports together

“ My host took me running through the empty streets of Mumbai at 5.00 am. I will never forget this fantastic experience, two ladies with totally different backgrounds enjoying the sunrise while running through one of the biggest cities in the world. ”

Exchange between India and The Netherlands.

“ Perfect way to see your own country in a different way! First time that I, Dutch girl, saw our ‘Keukenhof’ and the tulip fields. I now do understand why so many tourists visit these colourful fields! ”

Exchange between U.S.A. and The Netherlands.


“ I love to cook. My host learnt me a lot about herbs and the traditional Indian recipes.”

Exchange between India and Australia

“ My trip to Sofia, Bulgaria was fantastic. Especially, because of my host. We did sightseeing, but we also discussed about politics and the former communistic regime. It broadens my mind. We all live in Europe, and a lot of our history is the same. Still enough room to know each other better. I hope to get a chance 2 glimpse again. "

Exchange between The Netherlands and Bulgaria.

“ My husband and I decided to invite ‘foreigners’ for a Saturday night dinner. So we found a terrific couple from France who planned a trip to Rotterdam. Instead of having dinner in a restaurant they came to our place. Sitting in front of the fireplace we had a great evening and discussed many things. We already planned a trip to France for a French dinner! ”

Exchange between The Netherlands and France

"I am thinking of living abroad. So I found a mixed couple in Wales, she is Dutch and he is British. We had so much fun, talked about life, thirties dilemma, I met her colleagues, saw the beautiful nature of the area sitting on a motor bike. I learnt a lot. And I made new friends! We will see each other again!"

Exchange between Wales and The Netherlands

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