Citytrip Dublin

Together with a friend (we have known each other for over 30 years), I went to Dublin for a weekend in April 2018. Ireland is quite a large country, but only has 5 million inhabitants. This means that although Dublin is a city full of big chain stores, it also has something cosy. It is such a hospitable country. You can really be yourself in Ireland.


The Irish are very helpful

We especially noticed the helpfulness of the Irish. And now you might think, yes right. A few examples: at the airport we were waiting at the wrong bus stop so our bus drove away in front of us. We waved and luckily the bus stopped and we were allowed in. After the bus ride we were a bit dazed and were looking around us to see which direction we had to walk to get to our hotel. A man, who was repairing the rails, jumped up and asked, "Can I help you? In the museum, National Gallery, we lost the way to the exit. A lady, one of the visitors, saw us looking and asked us if she could help. She walked all the way to the exit with us.


Music everywhere

And how about the music. That's right. Music is everywhere in Dublin. In the restaurants, in the museum we visited, on the street, and sometimes even in shops. We have heard Irish music, classical music with piano and cello and modern music. The music really gives Dublin a very relaxed atmosphere.

The Irish weather

There is a lot of talk about the weather in Ireland. Just like we Dutch people do. We were lucky. The first two days it was nice weather. We wore a thick coat. However, there were also plenty of people in shorts, while it really did not exceed 12 degrees. The Irish do not let the weather get to them.


Tips from a local

I found Daniel at 2 glimpse. He grew up in Poland but has lived in Dublin for more than five years. He gave me several good tips that made it very easy for us to see and experience beautiful things. He pointed us to Howth, a lovely fishing village just outside Dublin. From Howth you can do nice walks along the cliffs. The yellow broom was in bloom whilst we were there (see picture on top of the page).


On Saturday evening we met in a pub. Daniel came together with Maciej and Karolina. Karolina has lived in Dublin for more than 13 years. She is completely integrated, including Irish accent. Maciej was in Dublin for a few weeks. Maciej works at a Theme Park in Poland. They re-enact the world of Games of Thrones and for example Harry Potter in this Theme Park.

Daniel works for a large American IT company in Dublin. We talked about everything from politics to local Polish customs. Daniel and Karolina indicated that they felt right at home in Ireland. You could really see that. We received the necessary tips for the following day: check the picture :-)


Even though we had never met before, it did not feel uncomfortable at all. This meeting will always stay with us and has made Dublin even more authentic. Hopefully we will see each other again in the Netherlands.

Do you also like to hear from the locals how they experience life in their city, but you have little time, even meeting for a night of drinks can be a nice experience!