Quiet and Enjoyable Spots in Ibiza


Going to Ibiza? Looking for quiet and enjoyable spots to have a snack, meal or drink? Then you’ll definitely enjoy this. I have visited 8 spots, that each have something special, and were recommended by a local born and raised on Ibiza.

1. A beach bar in a tiny bay

Utopia, Port de San Miguel

This location is amazing because of its simplicity. A simple beach bar, where you can watch your fish while it’s being cooked, and with an incredible view of the sea. However, the road towards it is at least half of the fun. When arriving at the large beach of San Miguel you walk left and if you pay attention you can see a small path ascending between the restaurants. Via this path, about a 5-minute walk, you will reach Utopia. Enjoy a place with good food and even the opportunity to relax on a lounger or rent a parasol.

2. Having a meal on top of a rock with a view of the sea

Las puertas del cielo

During a car ride I encountered a modest Spanish restaurant: below the conifers on the rocks high above the sea. The restaurant has an enchanting name: the gate to heaven. And rightly so: from the terrace the view is great, and if you walk a little bit closer towards the edge you can see the stunning rocks being confronted with the massive sea.

I only had a cup of coffee - as I had just eaten - but I saw several people ordering a large paella dish.

3. Trendy Ibiza: a beautiful terrace and picnic spots to delight in the sunset.

Hostel la Torre, Cap Negret

Ibiza is famous for its beautiful but at the same time trendy hot spots. Hostel la Torre is one of them. A pleasing and light interior, lots of wood, white and splendid views of the sea. The best way of enjoying this absolutely romantic spot, is during the sunset. You can mellow out just away from the terrace on the rocks, and take a picnic basket from the restaurant while enjoying the music from a dj.

4. Spending the whole afternoon enjoying the shade

La Paloma, Sant Llorenç de Balàfia

Paloma is the type of restaurant where everything looks refined: the old building with a solid paint job, beautiful flowers, a tidy vegetable garden and the table decorated with even more flowers. A few tables are resting in the shade of the parasol, but most of the tables reap the benefits of the shade of the fruit trees. It’s like a place where you would spend the entire afternoon with your large, happy family (in case you have one), whilst ordering the most amazing bites and meals. They have an extensive menu, and you can even enjoy fresh fruit drinks.

5. The best ice cream Ibiza

Helados Antartica, Santa Eulària des Riu

This ice cream shop is on the Santa Eulalia boulevard. Actually, Santa Eulària has a lot of ice cream shops, why does this one stand out? Antarctica’s ice cream is undoubtedly really creamy, no hints of a water taste. They make the ice cream themselves, so you will always enjoy the freshest ice cream. My personal favorite? Caramel sea salt.

6. Evenings filled with music

La finca can suldat, Es Canar, Santa Eulalia del Río

How does Ibiza manage to have so many welcoming restaurants? This restaurant has a terrace covered with a leafy canopy. At night, it’s illuminated with tiny lamps and every evening they have live music. Inside there are several rooms with charming fireplaces. I hope I can return here during times where it’s cold enough to light them. In one of the rooms through a see-through curtain you can even see the owner’s bed. The food is delicious, but extraordinary. The menu has raclette and cheese fondue, for example. Amazing! In the dark, it can be hard to find the restaurant, because you have to follow a small dark path.

7. Back in time, be like the locals

Bar San Miguel Can Xico de sa Torre,  Sant Miquel de Balansat

This bar was recommended to me by a lady I met at the beach. She was born and raised on the island and her family owns an old bar near the church of ….. The bar still looks as if it’s from 50 years ago. Order a cup of coffee and witness how the locals pass by to have a drink and catch up. There is some space behind the bar where they have created a small museum with old musical instruments and pictures of the local folk dance club. The dance club was founded by the father of the woman I had met on the beach. During the summer the group still performs on the square of the church one night a week.

If you visit the bar, take the time to visit the small church too. While I was there they also played fitting music.

8. The best tortilla on the Island

Restaurant Can Cosmi, Santa Agnés de Corona

Lastly, I was advised to go and have the best tortilla on the island at Can Cosmi. This restaurant is located on a t-junction. The terrace is slightly raised, so you have a good view over the street. The restaurant is originally Spanish and their tortilla is indeed delicious, build up out of several layers. On the inside there is a traditional Spanish bar.

Overview of the best restaurants in Ibiza