Amber van den Putte

Amber (1973) is the founder of 2 glimpse. She is living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, together with her husband and 2 daughters. Amber likes to travel and to experience other cultures. Her house is always open for people from abroad. Amber and her husband like to share daily life and habits with their foreign guests.

The past seventeen years Amber Van den Putte was employed as product manager at the Dutch bank ABN Amro. In the end of 2016 she talked during dinner about an exchange her daughter was going to make to India. Amber herself would have loved this experience, but concluded that there was no platform for facilitating the connection of adults to be able to share and exchange cultures. A new product concept was born: exchanges where you are receiving each other and experiencing each other’s daily lives,

‘Glimpsing’ is for curious people who take interest in others. Getting to know the habits and cultural differences of other people is not just incredibly fun, but inspires you in your life.

Amber's hotspots in Rotterdam

Amber likes to share the best places of Rotterdam. In this video Amber and Suzanne explore Rotterdam. Amber shows her favorite spots.