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7 inspiring German habits


Do you know a German? Lucky Bastard! 

The times that the Germans were our archrivals lie in the past. Germans are very nice people and there is a lot that we can learn from them…

A dash of ‘je ne sais quoi’ from the French, the ‘no-worries’ mentality from the Australians, or the so called German Pünktlichkeit (punctuality). There is rarely anything written about the best known characteristics of the Germans, even though we could certainly take them as an example. These are the things that we can learn from the German culture.

1 Germans are critical



Germans are very thoughtful and do not hesitate to share their thoroughly founded opinion with others. Does a German on a parent’s evening believe that there is room for improvement in education? Expect a complete and well-founded explanation during which the German takes the floor as long as it takes to fully clarify himself. You can learn debating. This may sometimes be irritating, but at the same time it is incredibly admirable how Germans remain critical, are not easily satisfied, and hold onto their own opinion on how things could or should be improved. Instead of continuing to complain like we sometimes do.

2 Gründlichkeit


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Well-structured and very thorough. Loosely translated, that is what Grundlichkeit means in German. Especially regarding work, the Germans know what they are doing. There is no room for sloppiness, and they are not satisfied with a job half done. Must results be achieved? Don’t expect any jokes or fooling around. The problem is tackled until the job is done. Regardless of what one may think, if Germans do something, they do it properly.

3 Lovingly


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Germans may appear harsh or tough at first, but the truth is that behind this ‘armor,’ the Germans are very loving people. Germans greet each other with a close embrace, including the men. Emails start and end with the warm ‘liebe’ and ‘love,’ also at work. A nice way to treat your co-workers/colleagues, even when you are not best friends.

4 The German Kitchen



Hmmm, the German cuisine alone is enough reason to take a closer look at how the Germans do things. For delicious wild game dishes, you should go to the traditional hunter cabins. For example, ducks and pheasants served with ‘bradkartoffeln’ (roasted potatoes) and red cabbages. There is plenty of choice for people that have a sweet tooth. For example take the famous Schwarzwälder-Kirsch-Torte, the German national Chocolate cake. There is a lot more than just beer and ‘bratwurst.’ Even though admittedly, that too is very delicious at its time.

5 Slippers, house shoes



Hospitality may be something you would not expect from the Germans, but one manner shows they are very hospitable indeed. When you visit people at their homes for a coffee or dinner, you will find slippers by the door. This way your feet don’t get cold and you don’t take in the dirt from outside. Slippers or a pair of thick socks, the choice is yours.

6 Social Control


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Of course, social control can also have negative effects, but the way the Germans do this, won’t bother anyone. For example, take a busy crossroad and there are several people waiting for a traffic light, including a child. If someone decides to run a red light, he will be addressed by the other people waiting at the light. “There are children involved, give a good example!” That way, you can be certain that you won’t have to raise your child completely by yourself, if you are surrounded by Germans.

7 Resilience, reconciliation, improvement


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The German population has a common and furious history. First, there were the wars, and later the wall. No fine causes, yet this history helped the Germans to create a strong bond. The past has reconciled the population. Moreover, all that trouble has provided a considerable amount of resilience. The Germans aren’t easy to bring down to their knees. In addition, they are doing their best to brush up the poor reputation they obtained in the past. That is one reason why Chancellor Merkel is making a big effort for the refugees.

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