11 Of My Favourite Places To Visit In London

The first time I came to London (I grew up in Germany) was in 2011 when I started working as an au pair. Whilst in the beginning I couldn’t wait to go back home, I sat on the Eurostar crying when my au pair year was over. 7 years later, in 2018, I decided that it was time for a new chapter in my life and moved back, knowing that this time I would probably stay forever. London is an unique and buzzing city with plenty of amazing things to do, from street art to scenic walks, vintage shopping, delicious food and so much more. It wasn’t easy to pick from the numerous activities but I’ve rounded up my favourite places in London, so if you want to make your next trip a special one, keep calm and read on…

Brick Lane

Brick Lane is a street in the East End of London which is famous for its street art, food markets and vintage clothing. Especially at the weekends, this is a vibrant place and you can stroll endlessly through the streets admiring the street art and wander through the indoor spaces on the hunt for the perfect vintage bargains. My favourite cuisine in the food hall is Ethiopian – its so fresh and delicious! If you need to recharge your batteries, go to Café 1001 for a coffee. It’s a great place to relax with an industrial vibe and many comfy sofas. Boxpark Shoreditch is also worth a visit, it’s the world’s first pop-up mall and great for having a drink in the evening.

Ritzy Cinema Brixton

The Ritzy cinema in the heart of bustling Brixton opened in 1911 and was one of England’s first purpose-built cinemas. It has five different cinema screens, two bars and a café. Screen 1 is the most beautiful and the room everyone wants to be in, but the whole cinema is absolutely lovely and you will feel as if you’ve travelled back in time. As Brixton is a really cool and lively area with many bars and great nightlife, you should definitely have a stroll after the movie and visit the creative space Pop Brixton and the market area Brixton Village.

Circolo Popolare

Admittedly, Circolo Popolare is not a secret – for a reason. Its famous Carbonara cheese wheel, the gigantic lemon meningue pie which is 5’9 inches tall, and the delicious cocktails are enough reason to go there but it gets even better. The restaurants décor is outstanding, with hanging flowers, warm lighting and… 20.000 bottles that are lining the walls from ceiling to floor! Circolo Popolare is available for walk-ins only (for groups smaller than 8) but it’s worth the wait.

Vauxwall Bouldering

If you’re into bouldering, you might want to visit Vauxwall Bouldering in South London, close to Brixton. Alex Honnold even recreated THE boulder problem from Free Solo here! There are many great bouldering places in London but Vauxwall is especially great when you prefer smaller places with a more intimate atmosphere.

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is a beautiful area and the best evidence that London is a green city. Here you will find 791 acres of meadows and woodland. Every time I visit, I find a spot I haven’t been to before. In summer, Londoners head to the swimming ponds which are probably the most beautiful place for a swim in London. The main ponds were originally dug in the 17th and 18th century!

Harrison Pub Live Music

There are over 3500 pubs in London which makes it hard to pick one. However, the pub The Harrison near Kings Cross St. Pancras makes the decision a bit easier. It hosts live music events (check Facebook for more information) with new artists performing on stage, mostly Folk and Indie music. All musicians I’ve seen so far were absolutely brilliant and I could already picture them being on a big stage.


Visiting Camden is a bit like entering another world. Explore Camden Market with its vintage treasures and amazing food, stroll along the Regent’s Canal which runs through Camden, and pick one of the decent pubs, including some iconic ones like the Hawley Arms, which was Amy Winehouse’s favourite pub. There is also plenty of live music, both in the pubs and on the streets. And if you want to get a tattoo or piercing, you’re in the right place!

Primrose Hill

In walking distance from Camden market, you will find Primrose Hill. By climbing the top of it, you can enjoy views of the London skyline. Primrose Hill is a beautiful part of London with arguably the best view across the city. It’s also perfect for lying down when the weather is nice as it has a relaxed bohemian vibe.


If you like clubbing, go to Printworks! The nightclub is located in the former Harmsworth Quays printing plant. The converted printing factory opened its doors in 2017 and partying in the huge warehouse with its exposed metal balconies and long, narrow dancefloor feels like being in a cyberpunk movie set.

Top Secret Comedy Club

I still don’t fully get English humour but I’ll keep trying – and Top Secret Comedy Club is the best address to do so. It’s rated the best comedy club in London by Tripadvisor and each Thursday they feature 3 new talents. It doesn’t get any funnier than that, so be careful not to spill your beer when you burst into laughter. The best thing is: Both the ticket for the event and the drinks are super cheap here. No joke!

Netil 360

When visiting London, you most probably want to visit a rooftop bar to see the city from above and Netil 360 is a great choice. Even though the artificial grass flooring might not look that appealing, it’s the atmosphere that makes this place special, and the panoramic, full-circle views of London. It’s a bit of a walk before you get to the top but it will be worth it.

Written by Nina